Calling Out To Frustrated Working professional and Business Owners Who Are Struggling to retire early

DISCOVER The REAL Reason Why Over 90% Of Singaporeans Fail To Retire By Their Desired Age

9 out 10 soon-to-be retirees I spoke to don't even know about these...

5 of the most common cases I heard

1. Have no idea to monitor your retirement portfolio as you are Too occupied with your work or growing your business.

2. Have no idea how to start with your retirement planning without affecting your current lifestyle

3. Have no idea how much do you need to retire in Singapore

4. Have no idea if your existing portfolio is stretching every dollar that you put in

5. Have no idea how the CPF works and how your retirement portfolio can work hand in hand



Diana Seow, Account Manager


Cristina, Document Controller

"He has never failed to make sure that I am not only well-informed regarding the current market for my investment portfolio, but to oversee my finances with an undivided level of attention."

Lee, Researcher

"What I liked most about kieran’s sharing was that it was tailored and personalized to my current situation.

He was not pushy in selling and I’m really thankful to have known Kieran."

Travis, Account Manager

"Kieran comes across as a genuine person who has my interests at heart"

June, Homemaker

Senior Wealth Management Specialist

At the point of writing this, I have worked with over hundreds of clients, providing a wide range of financial services including retirement planning, estate planning, as well as business succession planning. I work with you and your family to understand, manage and simplify your entire financial life. I create wealth management strategies that allow you to meet your current needs; help you prioritize and achieve your goals throughout your lifetime; and protect your wishes and legacy into the future.


Here’s a little introduction to myself: I am a senior Wealth management Strategist and early retirement strategist who has helped over 300 individuals and family, grow their wealth by 5-10%, year after year. I achieve this by creating specialised, customised financial solutions with the singular objective of expediting their retirement age. For my efforts, I received numerous awards along the journey.

– Kieran Yeo

Our services

Estate Planning

Planning your estate is important. Quality estate planning ensures that your loved ones can enable the distribution of your estate smoothly. At, we provide effective estate planning with properly planned Will Writing Process and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) at affordable pricing.

CPF Life and Full Retirement sum scheme

Singapore’s Central Provident Fund is a compulsory social security savings plan in which working professionals and employers make a monthly contribution to the CPF. It provides a sense of security among the working Singaporeans in the retirement period. The CPF life payout age is 65 years that means once you reach that age, you can start receiving your retirement payouts.

Supplementary Retirement Scheme

Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) is a voluntary savings scheme over and above CPF savings. It gives a boost to your retirement savings and it is tax-free. Investing in SRS enables you to decide in what manner you would like to withdraw your money, be it cash or investments.


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Benefits of services

Get specialized financial advice on all Singapore retirement scheme

Guidance on where and how to invest your CPF savings to yield maximum returns.​

I strive to make your SRS more profitable with our expert knowledge and experience.

I focus on your finances so that your focus remains on the core functions of your life.​

Receive updates on new financial investment options and retirement schemes of Singapore​

5,000 Clients
80 Nationalities

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Why Choose Me?

Living in The Lion City is expensive due to its high standard of living. Hence, making a point to save money at a young age for your retirement in Singapore is a good idea!
Kieran Yeo can help you in planning your retirement with his wealth management and early retirement strategies.
The world is evolving at a tremendous rate so as investment options near you. Hence, I keep you updated with all the news and trends of the financial world.
The requirements and expectations of every client are different from another. I understand that and I always strive to provide customized financial planning to our every client. Till date, I have nurtured the lives of hundreds of our clients by providing them proper financial planning.
The retirement age in Singapore is 62 years. Hence, it is always vital to begin your retirement savings at a young age so that you can even prepare to retire much earlier than the said age. But nevertheless, one can begin the planning of retirement at any age with the help of an expert who can empower you to make smart financial decisions.
It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in, I can secure your retirement period with our best and experienced financial strategies. Get in touch, today!

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in, i can secure your retirement period with my best and experienced financial strategies.