How I Helped My Client Retire 5 Years Earlier With One Retirement Blueprint

Retirement blueprint for retirement planning

Previously, I wrote a piece talking about the 5 most important financial “must-haves” when it comes to retirement planning. In that article, I mentioned that the most crucial thing to prepare is the retirement blueprint to get start on how to plan for retirement in Singapore

Today, I’d like to share some proof of that.

A couple of months ago, I worked with a client named Mdm Low. She was a working professional holding a senior managerial role who knew and understood the importance of retirement planning. As a result, she has already bought into a few policies from some banks as well as some friends.

However, she has never bothered to look closely into her plans, preferring to leave it to the banks and her friends to handle it.

Mdm Low was in her late 40s when she met with me. It was only then when she realised that she had almost no clue as to what her retirement plan entailed for her. Specifically, where her money was coming from, and more importantly, when she could actually retire.

Feeling lost and confused, she told me that she wanted to retire by the time she was 60, and have enough finances to travel 2-3 times a year.

Now, before I go on with the story, I want to highlight a particular decision Mdm Low made when she bought into her policies from her friends and banks.

You see, investing in financial and retirement plans is kind of like coming up with your own exercise routine. You may be tempted to copy what others around you are doing (such as purchasing the same financial plans your friends did)… But that doesn’t mean you will get the same results!

In fact, the very same retirement plan that may have helped your friend become financially comfortable could even prove to be detrimental to your own finances!

In order to ensure you will be comfortable during retirement, you need to create a retirement plan that is tailored to your specific situation. Your current assets. Your expenses. Your financial goals and objectives.

That’s why Mdm Low felt lost about when she could retire – her policies are not tailored to her.

Thankfully, we were in time to salvage the situation. I worked with her and came up with possible strategies she could tap into to build up her existing savings in preparation for her golden years. And with this, we set up a newly-modelled retirement blueprint for her.

As a result, she can now retire comfortably at the age of 55! All while being able to travel multiple times a year, just like what she had wanted.

Not to mention the fact that she has now set up an emergency fund as well, that will steadily accumulate and grow over the years.

This is what a tailored retirement blueprint can do for you. It was the sole inclusion of the blueprint that not only let her have a crystal-clear, realistic vision of her retirement, but also enabled her to enjoy the retirement lifestyle of her choice.

My friend, are you currently unclear about your own retirement? Are you unsure about when you can finally enjoy your golden years? Are you uncertain about the kind of lifestyle you can possibly lead when you finally hang up your boots?

If your answer is yes, it’s time to break through the cloud of mystery. Because you deserve to have 100% transparency over your finances. So let’s work together to make this happen!

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