Investing To Meet How Much Do You Need To Retire In Singapore

3 things you need to know before you invest

Investing to meet how much do we need to retire in Singapore 

In the previous post, we talked about how much do we need to retire in Singapore and if you have read. Do take a look at it. The estimated amount that we calculated based on some assumption came to be around $480,000. In addition, we had also discussed that an average Singaporean that starts his retirement planning at the age 40 will need to  $1500/mth for till age 65 when he finally gets to retire.

In this section, we list out content that can help you know more about retirement planning


One way is through growing the money that you saved so you require to save lesser and growing their retirement pot. And that will be through investing.

There are 3 simple questions you should ask yourself before doing any investments on your own.

#1. Objective

goal for how much we need to retire in singapore

What is the objective of doing the investment? In most cases, it is likely for your retirement goal. You need to be clear of where is your “goal post” before you can attempt to shoot on target. This is the same for investment.

Whether is it for building your retirement pot or generating a regular stream of income.  You will need to know why are u taking the risk to invest and how much return you are looking at. 

#2. Time horizon

time horizon how much we need to retire in singapore

Time horizon is another very important aspect to consider when it comes to investment. We all know that investment bound to go through up and down cycle. So you will need to know how far you can stay invested and how far away from your goal which is your objective

#3. How much are you willing to lose? 

lose money how much we need to retire in singapore

 How much are you willing to lose? We know everybody like to talk about the potential returns of investment. Like mentioned, Everybody knows that the market will go up and go down. Hence you need to consider how much are you willing to lose for your investment pot during bad times. Managing the Emotion fear is part of investment too. How much are you willing to lose will determine your portfolio in term of volatility. Strategic Asset Allocation constitutes to major of investment success.


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