How to INSTANTLY speed up your retirement planning by adding ONE thing

Speed up your retirement planning by one thing

Dear readers,

If you’re reading this, that likely means you’re at the stage in life where you have started to plan (or at least think about) your retirement.

Perhaps you’ve gotten started already. Bought a few financial plans, or made some investments with banks.

All of that is good. This means you’ve begun to take action towards increasing your assets. Your net worth. Should all go well, all of these will bear fruit by the time you’re ready to step down from the workforce.

However, today I would like to draw your attention to one important part. More specifically, a strategic financial element that a lot of us seem to miss out on when it comes to retirement planning.

That element is: CASH FLOW.

You see, things such as investments and financial plans work towards growing your wealth. Your net worth. Your value.

In other words, you become asset-rich.

But what is the most important thing we all want when we retire? Is it property? Investments? Stocks? Bonds?

Nope. What we really want… Is cold hard CASH.

As the saying goes, cash is king. Let me explain why.

In my role as a financial specialist, I’ve consulted with dozens of individuals who have planned for their retirement. Many have bought into plans or investments. Some of them have even put in their entire savings into such financial instruments.

But what most of them fail to focus on is growing their cash flow.

Cash is needed on a daily basis. It’s what you need for necessities. Food. Transport. Paying your bills. Supporting your entertainment needs (and believe me when I say that during retirement, your entertainment spending goes up).

So while you may have a sizeable amount of assets and worth to your name… None of that really matters if it means you don’t have enough cash.

Which, unfortunately, is a problem many people face during retirement. Yes, even those who are “asset-rich”.

So as a result, the sad irony here is that I’ll come across many individuals with multiple assets and properties who don’t have enough cash to do what they want to. Rich on paper, but imprisoned by their lack of wealth.

But thankfully, there’s a solution to this.

For my clients who have non-liquid assets but insufficient cash, I always tell them that the way out of their predicament is to convert their wealth to liquid.

Meaning: Transform their locked-up properties, as well as other assets, to cash!

Because ultimately, when you finally reach your retirement age, you will realise that having cash on hand is the most important thing for you to live in financial comfort and security.

So right now, let me ask you:

Would you like to have more cash when you retire and know how to plan for retirement in Singapore where cost of living is always in the raising trend but your salary? 

If your answer is yes, I can help. Sit down with me and let me share some of my asset transformation strategies with you, so that I may help you “unlock” your assets and turn it into liquid!

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